Report from Turkey

A Research on the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemie on the Textile lndustry Workforce looks into the effects of the global pandemic that started in January 2020 and swept the whole world, on the textile industry workforce in Turkey. lt is known that the pandemic has staggering consequences in the labor market. The ILO (2021) report titled COVID-19 and the World of Work points out workplace closures have affected 93% of the world workforce and that working hours have decreased significantly.

Naturally, these circumstances have given way to different results for different industries. The purpose of this report is to discuss the changes in the working conditions in the textile industry in Turkey due to COVID-19 by asking several questions such as how the measures taken have affected textile workers.

The report also addresses the risks and right violations encountered by workers, within the context of existing structural conditions in the industry. The data was collected through face-to-face interviews conducted with workers who work actively in the industry and a desk research including the relevant news in the media, supported by a literature review.

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